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“Fashion is architecture, it is a matter of proportions” – Coco Chanel

What I love of Black and White Clothes is that they never look outdated, and they are almost always perfect for any occasion, making life easy. I’ve always liked minimal style, because it’s so effortless yet so chic and classic at the same time. It  looks so pulled together and you can dress it up or down. A good cut and strong shapes are key when going the minimal way. It’s about an overall sense of balance in color, texture, and shape by having less and sticking with whats essential instead of piling on a lot of extras. Minimalism revolves around simplicity, is more about aesthetic than about color,it doesn’t have to be necessarily black or white or black and white.

Zara is having a big sale and I decided to choose my favorite minimal black and white things and here they are.
Zara black and white sale
1-Zara Combined Coat
2-Sweatshirt Style Top
3-Blazer with Contrasting Lapel
4-Zara Basic Messenger Bag
5- Zara Skirt with Faux Leather Lining
6-Synthetic Patent Leather Slipper
7-Zara Combined Blouse
8- Zara High Heel Vamp Shoe
9-Zara Blouse with Contrasting Pocket

The Zara Messenger bag reminds me of the Jill Sander Leather Lunch Bag, but this one is so much more affordable.

Jill Sander Leather Lunch Bag

Do you like Minimal Style?