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“Embrace the Body You Have”

This post as you can see in the title is about choosing the right and most flattering swimsuit for your body.
I often see articles that describe the different types of body there are, like triangle, hourglass, apple, ruler, etc, which I think can be confusing to identify, that’s why I made a section for every body area that we are trying to conceal or highlight.
Choose your “problem area” to see directly what to and what not to do.

When the time comes to go to the beach or the pool what you want is to have a good time, not worry about how you look.

Who wants to miss all the fun just because they don’t want to be seen in a swimsuit?

With this easy tips I got you covered!

Big Hips
Looking: To create balance by drawing attention to the upper body with ruffles, embellishments or a strapless. With a one-piece, choose a solid color, with separates, go lighter on top and darker on the bottom.
Stay away form: Skirts, they emphasize the hips, boy shorts because they cut right across your leg at the widest part, and avoid tiny prints even if they’re dark.
Tip: A necklace worn just below the collar-bone draws the eye to the upper body.
Big hips

1-Target One Shoulder Ruffle one-piece swimsuit
2- H&M Purple Bikini Top and Gray Bikini Bottom

Muffin Top
Looking: To highlight the good parts of the body while camouflaging the tummy. Stick with solid colors and try things like ruffles, ruching, draping, dark side panels, asymmetrical details and colorblocking works if it’s in the right places.  A dark part that is strategically placed over the stomach brings the eye to the lighter areas and creates a new shape.
By doing this things we’re  going to cut the curviness of the tummy and fool the eye to the most flattering parts of the body.
Stay away from: Big patterns, white and metallic color. Tankinis too because they tend to ride up and expose your tummy and besides everyone know what you’re trying to hide. Either go for a two-piece or get a shapwear suit.
muffin top
1-Bloomingdales Carmen Marc Valvo Exotic Noir Maillot Swimsuit
2-Bloomingdales Miraclesuit One Piece – Sanibel
3-Nordstrom -Miraclesuit ‘Jena’ One Piece 

Big Bust
Looking: For a built-in underwire that keeps the girls in place, a flirty skirt that balances a voluptuous top, one shoulder elongates the torso, halter adjustable neck lifts and shapes large breasts with a little bit of cleavage, a v-neck that elongates and balances the body minimizing the fullness of your breasts.
Mix different sized pieces for a perfect fit, and remember you want sexy not slutty!
Stay away from: Swimsuits without a built-in bra, spaghetti straps and strapless because they accentuate your top in an unflattering and overwhelming way and of course small tops!
Tip: A long necklace that ends at your belly button area draws the attention south of the bustline.
big bust
1- Bloomingdales Tommy Bahama Deck Piping Underwire Halter Bikini Top & Deck Piping Hipster Bottom
2- Nordstrom -‘Tommy Bahama’ Underwire Halter Bikini Top
3- Nordstrom Bagdley Mischka Shirred Maillot

Flat Chest
Looking: For a rad print, stripes, white color, ruffles, fringes and frills that create curves and pump up the volume. Embrace what you can wear,  deep necklines, bustier tops, and trendy styles are easy to conquer when support isn’t mandatory. Embellishments, to create an optical illusion and a halter top to accommodate what you have and maximize it at the same time. Remember to use padding and underwire.
Stay away from:  Rectangular tops.

flat chested
1- Nordstrom Seafolly Godess Bikini
2- Norstrom La Blanca ‘Milano’ Colorblock Bandeau Swimsuit
3- Nordstrom Luli Fama Fringed Bikini Top

Looking: For a high-cut bikini that instantly elongates legs, go for thin stripes over thick, which can overwhelm. Boost your bust with strategically placed knots. Diagonal lines from shoulder to hip stretch your torso and vertical stripes to add height. The more skin you show, the taller you grow.
Stay away from: Small prints and big embellishments.
1- Nordstrom L Space Zig Zag Bikini
2-Nordstrom Marc by Marc Jacobs Deep V-Neck Maillot Swimsuit
3-Bloomingdales MARC BY MARC JACOBS Woodward Solids Bandeau Bra & Woodward Solids Buttoned Hipster Bottom

Athletic / Boy-ish
Looking: To create the illusion of curves by keeping the focus away from your waistline. A sexy string bikini, fun print, side ties in a bikini bottom that accentuate your hips, ruffles, there are a lot of options, the important thing here is to draw the attention to you upper and lower body by using swimwear with bright colors, patterns, and embellishments. Benefit from showing more skin, not less.
Stay away from: Boy shorts, tube tops and monokinis that will emphasize your waist.
1- Bloomingdales Trina Turk Racquet Club Dot Tri Slider Bra & Racquet Club Dot Tie Side Hipster
2-Bloomingdales Tommy Bahama Dots & Stripes Full Coverage Bikini
3- Victoria’s Secret Colorblock one-piece

PS: When choosing a cover-up choose something that covers you up! But there’s a balance, you want something that looks seductive too, not shy.
Now you’re ready! Remember that confidence is key to looking your best.
Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.