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Style Vs Fashion
I wanted to write this post based on a lot of the fashion and style books I have read, and pass onto you the knowledge I’ve aquired from all of them.
I think it’s very ( and I mean VERY) important for a person to know the difference between these two used words because a lot of people get confused on the definition.
“The difference between fashion and style is that fashion is a constantly changing sensibility promoted by fashion designers and translated to stores and customerss every six months. Style, on the other hand, refers to the way you take individual trends and fashion pieces and incorporate them into a personalized wardrobe.
Its easy to confuse being fashionable with looking trendy, trendy is looking in other words like everyone else”
No thanks!
(From the Book “Classy” by Derek Blasberg)

Personal Style is just that, Personal. – Derek Blasberg

Personal Style
“Personal Style is a look that is all your own , it is a way of putting yourself together, that allows your own combination of tastes, desires, interest, inspirations, aspirations, lifestyle and history to shine through.”
(From the book ” I Love your Style” by Amanda Brooks”)

If you’ve got personal style, you can change your looks as many times as you like and always look like yourself. -Amanda Brooks

If you’ve got personal style, you can change your looks from day to day and always look like yourself. And that is perfect for every ocassion.
In today’s world, it’s hard to stay true to yourself and that’s in every area of your life, which of course includes your own style. It’s so easy to get lost with all the trends you see everywhere, from magazines to pinterest.
“The point is to have fun with all those trends that suit you without blindly buying into a cookie-cutter look that doesn’t.”
The most important part of this is self-acceptance, embrace the parts of yourself that you love.

Wear what makes you Happy!

“Style is not about pleasing other people with your fashion, but quite the opposite. Its not about being a slave to trends and expectations. Listen to your own authentic sense of style. Get inspired on something and put your own spin on it, on a way that right for you and your body.”
“It’s about figuring out what really inspires you, what you feel faboulous in, and what works for your LIFESTYLE.”
(From the book “The Honest Life” by Jessica Alba)

I think this last point is so important! Im a Mom of a five year old, and I can’t expect to dress the same way I dressed before, this isn’t bad at all, and its not about changing your style and living in yoga pants and flats, its about finding out what works in your life. And of course there will still be moments (Oh Yes!) where you will be able to wear all the things you can’t wear when you are busy being a mom and running errands. A night out with your girlfriends, a fancy dinner for two, a birthday celebration, holidays. When moments like this come,  take out your favorite heels, blowout you hair and wear whatever you feel like!

“Because you are a mom, but you are still you!”

Hope this post was useful and helpful to all you girls out there trying to define your (personal) style.
Did I miss anything? Let me know !