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“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” -Leonardo Da Vinci

Lately I’m all about basics. There’s just something so effortless and simple, but classy at the same time that I love.
For my everyday life, when I’m busy and short on time, I have a selection of clothes that I find easy to mix and match. They pretty much look good with everything. What kind of clothes? For me it’s all about versatility, and black is my best friend. V-necks and sweaters in solid colors, blazers are a quick and easy way to look chic, skinny jeans in blue and black, and flats, sneakers or ankle booties.
Whenever I’m on the run, I almost always wear black jeans, a v-neck, my superga sneakers, and sunglasses to hide my not so pretty face (no makeup face), you can change the sneakers for flats or ankle booties that are equally comfortable and upgrade the way the outfit looks.
I love cotton dresses in solid colors, and black is my favorite because… do I need to give you a reason? The LBD (little black dress) doesn’t need a reason, it just works every time!
Dresses are so easy to wear because you don’t have to worry about putting together a whole outfit, you just pick whatever shoes you’re in the mood for and you’re ready Freddy!
I always keep on hand a pair of rings, stud earings and a watch to complete any look. I don’t always use everything, because I like to keep things simple, but as long as the jewelery you are using is minimal you can stack on it and look great. I’m more of a ring kind of girl but no matter your preference, it’s all about adding joy to your look.
Taking the time to get ready and look good really makes a big difference on the way you feel and live everyday, it gives you confidence, and makes you happy.
So take ten extra minutes and see how your mood changes instantly.

Keep it Simple

everyday essentials

Nordstrom “Diane von Furstenberg” ‘ boots This color is great for summer or winter and the heel is very comfortable if you are on the go or have kids.
J.Crew V-neck goes with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g !
H&M Short Jersey Dress You put this on and you are ready.
H&M 9-pack Rings The look for less (much less!!!) for the balenciaga stack up rings. This from H&M are 6 dlls VS de Balenciaga  where the set of five is 600 dls, give me a break !!!!
Oliver Peoples Jacey Sunglasses So 1960’s, feminine and classic. Perfect for hiding your sleepy eyes, tired face, or just protecting your eyes from UV rays, and looking fab!
Superga Sneakers an alternative for converse.
H&M Black Skinny Jeans  For day or night, heels or flats.
H&M Shopper Bag  Loved this bag from H&M, very Hermés, and it’s big enough to carry all you need.
J.Crew Merino Boyfriend Sweater so effortless and looks great with jeans, shorts or a skirt.
H&M Blazer you can wear this with a cocktail dress, trousers for the office, jeans and even shorts!
Zara Pointed Ballerina Flats very classy and comfortable.
Nordstrom “J Brand ” Jeans This is my favorite brand of jeans, they just fit perfectly and love that the pockets are plain.

As you can see in the picture, each piece of clothing goes with everything.
For example, the dress with ankle boots, rings, sunglasses and bag. Or you can wear that same dress with flats or sneakers, depending on your mood and plans.
The jeans with a v-neck shirt, blazer and the same accessories,  and with the shoes, again, whatever you feel like.
See how easy it can be?  its all about having the right things, and basics are great for everyday life and can be used in so many different ways. I think that’s the best part, they make life easier, and aren’t we all looking for that?
In this post I did a selection with things that I thought everyone could afford but you can replace them for more expensive or cheaper things depending on your budget.

Hope these tips where useful for all you gals on the run!