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Hello !!! Today I want to talk to you about movies…
I Love Movies! I mean who doesn’t? You just seat there and let whatever movie you’re seeing take over you and enter a new world. Ok maybe I exagerated a little, but come on, it’s perfect for taking your mind of things and you just relax. You can watch them alone (I enjoy watching movies alone a lot!) with friends, or family (family movie night’s are great!) , and It’s still one of the best dates, you just seat there and don’t talk for two hours, eating popcorn (LOL). No, but really, you just go to a movie and enjoy each other’s company, and after the movie you can grab an ice cream and exchange points of view on the film.
I saw this trailer the other day and was very intrigued afterwards and really want to see this movie.
What could be the end of this story? I’m very curious, and I think Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor.

The release date is November 20th. What did you think of the trailer, do you want to see it?

What kind of movies do you like the most?