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I Stumble upon this video while doing my (almost) daily review on my favorite blogs, and saw this on Garance Dore.
I think It’s a shame that in trying to capture a moment on the phone, so many of us miss the special moment we are actually living.

I see myself in a lot of this but I’m trying to change though, I don’t want to miss the real moment just so I can watch it later, or share it with other people instead of enjoying that moment with the people Im living it with. I can help but wonder where this is all going… but have hope that the choice is ours. We can use this amazing technology to our advantage and not against, to draw us close to the people who is far away and not distance us from the people who we are fortunate to have in our every day life.

It’s about choices like everything in life, ask yourself “Can it wait?” “Is it really that important that I have to use the phone right that instant?” This video sure opened my eyes and I’m glad that there are people who are trying to make a statement on today’s society that the majority of people seem to ignore.


What do you think about the video? Do you agree or disagree? Do you relate with something in it?
Would love to read what you have to say!