Well I think I add up to the list of woman currently obsessed with these Balenciaga boots! OMG if I had those 1275 dls (jeez!) to buy them I totally would! But I have to keep it real. The other day as I was looking at the shoe section in nordstrom I saw these Jeffrey Campbell boots that look pretty much like the Balenciaga’s but so much more affordable! Almost the tax on the Balenciaga boots , still they’re not super cheap (185 dls) but you can actually buy them.
I see a lot of bloggers/designers (etc) complaining about why Zara and other brands make budget-friendly pieces that are inspired by the leading designer brands and I just don’t get why, I mean, it’s cool if you can buy a 700 dollar shirt, but for those like (ME!) us I think its great, because you don’t limit yourself and actually can buy something that you loved that looks pretty much like what you saw on the runway, besides it is obvious who took the inspiration from who, and isn’t that a form o flattering?
Anyways… these boots have cool written all over them and look like a great staple for fall and winter, plus they look uber comfortable ( I don’t know if they’re heavy, but if you can walk on heels you can walk on these babies!) Hope to have these in my closet sooner rather than later.
Would you agree with me that these have come to replace the Isabel Marant wedge-sneakers furia from last year?
I think so… I also love the fact that they’re very Dr Martens-ish/tomboy/biker/modeloffduty type.
yay or nay? Don’t forget beauty is in the eye of the beholder.