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As I’ve seen everyone is going crazy with these collection. I was very excited with the collection of Phillip Lim for Target and I actually went to a Target store on the day the collection was released and first of all, the collection was not released in ALL Targets, so that was a bummer, then I had to go to another store (where I first made sure they had the collection) only to arrive and see there was nothing left, on the first day of the release! I asked the people who work at Target if they had more on stock, sadly they didn’t and also didn’t know if they we’re getting more things on store, I didn’t even feel bad of not being able to purchase anything, since there were people sleeping outside target so they could run and get that purse that I also wanted but obviously not that bad.
On the other hand we have these Isabel Marant Collection for H&M where I’ll show you my favorite pieces, but that I doubt I’ll be getting my hands on because it’s gonna get craaazy!
I liked these collection, and think it has all the esence of the designer/brand but I read somewhere (I don’t remember where) that it wasn’t going to be very “low-cost” as many of us expect (another bummer!), I mean isn’t H&M supossed to be affordable?
On my last post I was writing about how people complain of the low cost clon versions of certain designer pieces, and Isabel Marant, as I read on a blog was angry that other brands copied her design on the wedges-sneakers, and said she never wanted to be famous and that she doesn’t want everyone to have Isabel Marant clothes because then it becomes common, but isn’t designing dor H&M a way of making it more accessible so that everyone can wear Isabel Marant? isn’t it contradicting? I don’t know, I really like her clothes and think she is very talented, but don’t really agree with her point of view…
Ok, well here are my favorite pieces
isabel marant for hm
isabel marant for hm 2

Happy Friday