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costume ideas dp2

1-Fantastic Mr Fox / My fav!
2-John Lennon and Yoko Ono / Timeless!
3-Breakfast at Tiffanys Cat Masks / A different approach to the breakfast at Tiffanys typical costume.
4-Marie Antoinettes (Bff Costume ) / LOVE!
5-León: The Professional and Matilida Very Original!
6-Jane and Daria (Bff costume!) / how cool is this?
7-Great Gatsby / The perfect opportunity to kick it up a notch 20’s style!;)
8-The shinning / Everyone will want your costume!
9- Richie and Margot Tenenbaum / Super COOL
10-Mad Men Inspired / Im obsessed with Mad Men, OBSESSED!
11- Kick Ass and Hit Girl / Love this movie and the characters so much.
12- Romy and Michelle / Perfect for best friends!!! you can even do the dance haha!

What’s your favorite costume?