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I was really wondering how the set actually looked for the making of “The Great Gatsby” and this video made me wonder no more. I absolutely loved the book and thought it was a successful book-to-film adaptation. On the downside (for me) apart from the songs from Florence and the Machine, Sia, The XX and “Lana del Rey” (which btw is the only song I have ever heard of her! I know, I know, but the hype killed it for me, and I never gave myself the opportunity to listen to her music) Now where was I? Great Gatsby right, so as I was saying, apart from that songs and more specifically “Young and beautiful” which  to my taste (and this is just my opinion, which means  NOTHING) provides the listeners with the perfect dose of a beautiful emotional, soft, but dark melody. On the other  hand,  rap, will i am, and “Crazy in Love” ??? really? that song killed that scene for me. I know Jazz in the 1920’s represented all that was new and modern, but most importantly it represented a society obsessed with wealth and status and I admit that this type of music embodies that extravagance nowadays exactly, but it’s just not for me.
I just think the music is too modern to be complimentary of a “period piece”. But I want to make it clear that the film was very faithful to the book and it included almost every other detail.
Now for the people who criticize the opulence on the film, I have to say that for me it was a must, that was the point, opulence and extravagance, which symbolises the excessive materialistic attitudes of almost every character on the book, and the thing about Gatsby’s parties is that they were legendary and over the top.

What do you think of the video? Did you like the music from the movie?